Beyond the Entertainer co-founder Charles Leno Jr. joins Flag Star Football to talk about attitude, preparation, and effort

This past Tuesday, October 19th, Charles Leno Jr. spent his off-day afternoon joining a few Flag Star Football teams before and after their practices to discuss things like attitude, preparation, and effort. While conducting an event in September at Alice Deal Middle School, Charles & Jennifer Leno met Flag Star Football team CEO Carl Ehrlich, who asked if Charles could come to speak to his teams one day. During Tuesdays’s visit, children were able to ask questions, take photos, get autographs, and a lucky few even got to see the offensive lineman’s quarterback skills. Charles Leno Jr. shared his flag football experience and discussed his time in high school, college, and the NFL. Here at Beyond the Entertainer, we believe that children are so crucial to our futures and are willing to help assist in any way that we can. Please get in touch with Jennifer at for any questions or comments.

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