Family Reading Night with Howard Universities Social Justice Tutor Group

Co-Founder, Charles Leno Jr., was privileged to join the amazing students and their tutors and mentors from the Social Justice Tutoring group at Howard University this past week. Throughout their time together, Charles read a book entitled, “Dear Black Boy”, that was written by one of his former teammates, Martellus Bennett. In addition to reading this book, Charles held a Q&A and got to hear from some absolutely amazing, talented, and gifted scholars of our future to come.

Co-Founder, Charles Leno Jr., recognized as the NFLPA Week 17 Community MVP

For the second straight year, the Washington offensive lineman hosted “Leno Claus,” a 25-day giveback initiative that positively impacted a charitable organization or family in his current team city (Washington D.C. area), former team city (Chicago) or hometown (Oakland). For the first 20 days, Leno and his foundation partner ed with 20 non-profits to address several causes, including fresh water supply, homelessness and cancer awareness. For the final five days, he adopted families and individuals that were nominated by their communities to spread some holiday cheer.

Read more about Leno Claus 2022 here.

Beyond the Entertainer partners with The Hogfarmers to give an unforgettable experience to a warrior

In November, Beyond the Entertainer and The Hogfarmers partnered together to give a young boy named Callum the experience of a lifetime. The nine year old cancer survivor thought that he was going to some garage sales with his family when suddenly they arrived at a Washington Football game. Callum was greeted by the Hogfarmers, Mrs.Leno, and a plethora of gifts that had been purchased by fans at the tailgate.

As Callum ripped through all of his gifts, Mrs.Leno headed inside to decorate a suite for Callum to enjoy during the game. Callum and his family joined Mrs.Leno as well as Mrs.Allen to enjoy the game, eat lots of suites, and eventually see a Washington win. After the game, Callum was again surprised by Charles Leno Jr., and Jonathan Allen in the suite where he took pictures and signed autographs. The once bullied young boy for the scars that were left behind after his surgery, was all smiles as he got to celebrate a birthday victory with some pretty awesome people.

Beyond the Entertainer partners with Women Giving Back and women of the Washington Football Team

When Charles and Jennifer relocated to the DC area this past summer, they knew that they wanted to continue building their nonprofit despite not knowing the area and wanted to assist other organizations as much as they could. Jennifer came to Charles and asked what he thought about her introducing the idea of some volunteer opportunities to the women on the team. He told her to go for it. Jennifer was hesitant for quite some time being new to the area and not knowing many people, so it came as a big surprise to her when she presented the idea to the women that so many were willing to donate money and their time. Jennifer gathered over $1,500 from women on the team and then purchased items of need for the organization Women Giving Back, including underwear, socks, workout clothing, hats, gloves, and nearly 100 snack packs from Beyond the Entertainer. 

Women Giving Back is an organization that helps women and children in crisis by giving them clothing at no cost. While volunteering with this organization, the women of the Washington Football Team had the opportunity to visit the warehouse and store, sort through donated items, prepare the store for shopping, and even make outfits for visitors to get when they arrive. The snack packs that were donated each included two breakfast items, two lunch/dinner items, two snacks, a water bottle, and a juice box. These snack packs are given out to the women that come in for their children to have quick and easy meals when they are home. 

If you are interested in getting involved with Women Giving Back, please visit their website to see how you can!

For any questions or comments, please reach out to Jennifer via email;

Beyond the Entertainer steps in to assist local Breast Cancer patient



Beyond the Entertainer Steps in to Assist Area Breast Cancer Patient

ASHBURN, Virginia (October 21, 2021) – The Step Sisters are grateful to announce the support of Washington Football Team offensive tackle Charles Leno Jr. and his organization, Beyond the Entertainer. Mr. Leno stepped in quickly to assist a local breast cancer patient who was facing financial challenges, paying her rent and utilities so she could focus on treatment.

The Step Sisters fund a variety of support services, all designed to remove obstacles to treatment. In 2017, the group expanded their services, adding a Crisis Fund to specifically assist patients facing financial emergencies during costly breast cancer treatment. The fund covers housing and utility costs.

Mr. Leno explains, “When most people think of fighting breast cancer, they think of funding research which is important, but we also have to support patients that are battling the disease right now. Women should not have to decide if they are going to pay their rent or pay for their treatment. I was proud to be able to assist this patient so she can continue her treatment plan.”

As the pandemic began, The Step Sisters noted a sharp increase in demand for these funds. As Co-Executive Director Angela Fuentes states, “Requests for our Crisis Funds have nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic and in this year alone, we have spent over $38,000 preventing evictions and keeping the lights on for patients who are struggling.”

Co-Executive Director Ashley Campolattaro adds, “The pandemic has limited our fundraising opportunities, but to date we had not declined a patient needing these emergency funds. But when this latest request came in, we knew we didn’t have the money to help. We are so thankful to Mr. Leno and his organization. He truly saved the day for this patient.”


The Step Sisters work to improve the quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer in the Northern Virginia region. Partnering with seven area hospitals, the group funds needed support services such as transportation, food delivery and childcare as well as housing and utility assistance. Each service is designed to ease a patient’s mind and ensure continuity of treatment.

For more information about the Step Sisters, please visit


Beyond the Entertainer is dedicated to showing the world that there is more to the athlete than what meets the eye. By mentoring, empowering, and inspiring the community of all ages, Beyond the Entertainer believes that they can provide opportunities, set examples, and help lay the foundation for our futures.

For more information on Beyond the Entertainer, please visit @Beyondthe72 on Twitter or @BeyondtheEntertainer on Instagram.

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Beyond the Entertainer co-founder Charles Leno Jr. joins Flag Star Football to talk about attitude, preparation, and effort

This past Tuesday, October 19th, Charles Leno Jr. spent his off-day afternoon joining a few Flag Star Football teams before and after their practices to discuss things like attitude, preparation, and effort. While conducting an event in September at Alice Deal Middle School, Charles & Jennifer Leno met Flag Star Football team CEO Carl Ehrlich, who asked if Charles could come to speak to his teams one day. During Tuesdays’s visit, children were able to ask questions, take photos, get autographs, and a lucky few even got to see the offensive lineman’s quarterback skills. Charles Leno Jr. shared his flag football experience and discussed his time in high school, college, and the NFL. Here at Beyond the Entertainer, we believe that children are so crucial to our futures and are willing to help assist in any way that we can. Please get in touch with Jennifer at for any questions or comments.