Leno Claus

Charles & Jennifer at Women Giving Back in December 2021

After successfully kicking off Beyond the Entertainer in 2020 with Leno Claus in Chicago and Oakland, we had another very successful year in 2021 wrapping the DC area into our outreach. Our founders Charles & Jennifer created Leno Claus in 2020 after having their first child & watching all of the previews for the 25-day countdown to Christmas. They decided they wanted to have their own countdown to Christmas & created Leno Claus. From December 1st – December 20th, Beyond the Entertainer partnered with 20 different organizations donating holiday gifts, stocking stores at organizations, giving away items, making monetary donations, etc. Beyond the Entertainer allowed fans worldwide to nominate friends and family who needed a little holiday cheer for the last five days. Five individuals/families were chosen, and each was granted some sort of holiday cheer. Please stay tuned as we will need your help once again to make 2022 the best year yet! Starting in October of 2022, you will be able to fill out the forms below to either 1) nominate a nonprofit in need or 2) nominate an individual/family to send some holiday cheer to!