Beyond the Entertainer is A 501(c)(3) dedicated to showing the world that there is more to entertainers than what meets the eye. By mentoring, empowering, and inspiring the community of all ages, we believe that we can provide opportunities, set examples, and lay the foundation for our futures.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We are committed to showing the side of entertainers that many people overlook. Too frequently, children believe that the only way to “make it” is to be the athlete, the musician, or the actor; We want to show children ALL of the positions that go into making entertainers do what they do, that is frequently overlooked. Additionally, we strive to show the world that entertainers have lives outside of their jobs and that by paying it forward, we can make this world a better place overall.

How You Can Help

Spread Awareness

One of our biggest hopes is to spread awareness for the organizations that we work with. Each organization that we partner with is hand-picked by our founders. We hope to encourage entertainers to use their platforms to share with their followings about the needs that we have and how we can support those around us. Please follow us on social media and share posts from our partners and us.

Become a Volunteer

Beginning in 2022, we will be kicking off our sports mentorship program. Do you work in sports or have a job that could relate to sports? Are you involved in the entertainment industry? Additionally, we are looking for middle school, high school, and college volunteers to be a part of our sessions. Please email jleno@beyondtheentertainer.org for more details.


Your generous donation will allow us to pay it forward to more people each year. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, so all of your funds will assist those in need.

Recent News

Family Reading Night with Howard Universities Social Justice Tutor Group

Co-Founder, Charles Leno Jr., was privileged to join the amazing students and their tutors and mentors from the Social Justice Tutoring group at Howard University this past week. Throughout their time together, Charles read a book entitled, “Dear Black Boy”, that was written by one of his former teammates, Martellus Bennett. In addition to reading…

Co-Founder, Charles Leno Jr., recognized as the NFLPA Week 17 Community MVP

For the second straight year, the Washington offensive lineman hosted “Leno Claus,” a 25-day giveback initiative that positively impacted a charitable organization or family in his current team city (Washington D.C. area), former team city (Chicago) or hometown (Oakland). For the first 20 days, Leno and his foundation partner ed with 20 non-profits to address…