Beyond the Entertainer partners with The Hogfarmers to give an unforgettable experience to a warrior

In November, Beyond the Entertainer and The Hogfarmers partnered together to give a young boy named Callum the experience of a lifetime. The nine year old cancer survivor thought that he was going to some garage sales with his family when suddenly they arrived at a Washington Football game. Callum was greeted by the Hogfarmers, Mrs.Leno, and a plethora of gifts that had been purchased by fans at the tailgate.

As Callum ripped through all of his gifts, Mrs.Leno headed inside to decorate a suite for Callum to enjoy during the game. Callum and his family joined Mrs.Leno as well as Mrs.Allen to enjoy the game, eat lots of suites, and eventually see a Washington win. After the game, Callum was again surprised by Charles Leno Jr., and Jonathan Allen in the suite where he took pictures and signed autographs. The once bullied young boy for the scars that were left behind after his surgery, was all smiles as he got to celebrate a birthday victory with some pretty awesome people.

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